Will I Get My Driver’s License back if I Don’t File for SR22 Insurance?

If you have been contacted by the DMV in relation to SSR2 insurance, you’ll likely be reluctant to pay for it. When you research into the cost of the insurance, you’ll soon realize it can be really expensive. Not only will you have to pay an upfront filing fee, but you’ll also be hit with high premiums too. So is there a way to get your driver’s license back without paying these over the top fees?

Understanding your legal responsibilities

Once you have had your driver’s license revoked, in most states you won’t be able to get it back without paying for SSR2 insurance. This is because the certificate of financial responsibility proves you are adequately covered. It is a price you have to pay when you have been caught committing a serious driving offense.

Insurance is required by law so if you are found to have been driving without it, you will need to prove you are keeping on top of things this time. That’s where the certificate of financial responsibility comes in. Even if you decide to take extreme measures and move out of state, you will still need to file the SR22 to get your license back. Some states don’t legally require SR-22 insurance. However, you need to follow the rules that apply in the state you lived when the offense was committed. So relocating won’t get you out of paying higher premiums!

Unfortunately there really is no way around paying for the certificate. You will need to find an insurer who is SR22 registered and willing to cover you. Now that you are marked as a high risk driver, you will find it harder to get the cover you need. So always shop around to find the cheapest prices.