What Will Happen If You Don’t Keep Up With My SR22 Insurance?

sr22-bondIn order to get your driver’s license back after you’ve been arrested for a DWI/DUV offense, you will often need to file for SR22 insurance. This unfortunately means your premiums will increase quite a lot. Provided you keep up with your SR22 payments, it should be removed from your records after three to five years. However, if you let the policy lapse it could have serious negative consequences. So what exactly will happen?

How an SR22 insurance lapse will impact your record

If for whatever reason you do let your policy lapse, your insurer will report it to the DMV. When this happens, the DMV will either revoke or suspend your license. If you want to carry on driving you will be required to bring your insurance policy completely up to date. You will also be required to file for another SR22 document.

The trouble is, not only will you have to pay another $15-$25 filing fee, but your premiums could increase even further. As you’ll already know, the cost of SR22 insurance is a lot higher than standard cover. As you’ve already proven you cannot be trusted to pay back the insurance, your rates are likely to increase further. There is also the possibility that you won’t be accepted for cover at all; particularly from your current insurer.

Along with the SR22 filing fee, you will also need to pay a fee to the DMV to reinstate your license. Once you receive the certificate of financial responsibility, it will take another three years to eliminate it from your record.

As you can see, the impact of letting your SR22 policy lapse can be quite severe. Always try to keep up with your payments and if you feel you are going to have difficulty making the repayments, contact your insurer as soon as possible.