Top 7 ways to save on SR22 insurance cost

Are you trying to look for ways to reduce the cost of SR22 insurance? You have come to the right place. No matter the reason, be it driving under the influence or violating traffic rules, the following are the top 7 ways to save on SR22 insurance cost:

Low-risk vehicle

Since brand new cars cost more to insure, buy an older car to reduce the cost of insurance. An older model vehicle is not only cheaper to repair, but it also has a low theft rate. Ultimately, you will save on insurance premiums.


Make it a point to increase the deductible. A high deductible translates into a lower insurance rate. However, prior to agreeing to a high deductible, it is crucial for the insurance policy holder to ensure they have enough to cover the required payment – in case of an accident.


Invest in a motorcycle to save adequate amounts of money. In terms of risk, there is no doubt that a motorcycle is more risky than a car. In terms of insurance, on the other hand, it is cheaper to insure.

Combine all policies

Combining several insurance policies into one company is highly beneficial. Many firms offer excellent discounts if you allow them to insure your car and home together. Consequently, this will bring down the cost of your insurance premium.

With regard to discounts, ask for your insurance company for a discount, especially if you have all your policies with them. Typically, insurance firms provide discounts to retired individuals, students under 25 years of age with an excellent GPA, owners of utility vehicles, and much more.


In order to save, try to make a lump sum payment for your annual insurance premium. Otherwise, you can make payments four times every year to get a reduction in the cost. Similarly, make online payments whenever possible. Simply put, you will be charged a service fee for processing bank checks.

Credit score

Perhaps, the best way to get cheap insurance is by having a good credit score. Insurance companies provide low premiums to applicants with good credit scores.

Remember, SR22 coverage rates can be almost two or three times more for people with a bad credit score. But, the amount saved will differ, based on the insurance company and the applicant’s state.


Reduce your vehicle’s mileage to lower the cost of insurance. In fact, it is better to use public transport or a bike to reduce the number of miles.

While a majority of people seek cheap SR22 insurance rates, it is important to keep in mind to choose to an insurance policy that provides you adequate cover at the time of emergency. Thus, make sure to get SR22 car insurance that is affordable yet offers complete protection.

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