Tips and Advice for Your SR22 Auto Insurance

The SR22 form is not good news for drivers. Obviously, you have to get one in case you have been caught Driving Under Influence (DUI) or without insurance. Although the process seems too long and cumbersome, in actuality it is not as bad as it seems once you know what you are in for. To get you familiarized with what to expect and do in case you require an Ohio SR22, following are a few useful tips.

State Requirements

The SR22 certifies that you hold a valid and current vehicle insurance policy. If you are required to file an SR22, you will have to contact your insurance provider. Not all insurance providers are eligible to file the SR22 and so, it is onto you to check that the ones you pick can do it on your behalf. Some States do not require the SR22. If you are living in New York, and SR22 would not be required. On the contrary, Ohio does have the requirement.

Coverage In Full

It makes no sense paying extra money on premiums unless you are financing a car. It is therefore not obligatory to pay for full coverage. With the SR22, insurance premiums are already pushed higher and a full coverage should mean a lot of money. So unless you have too much invested in your car, you can forego a full coverage scenario.

Time Period

Considering you do not have constant additional violations after the filing of SR22, you may only need to carry your SR22 coverage for an average of two years. Once that period is over, you can opt for regular coverage. However, given that you were once proven to be a risky driver, premiums for you might still be higher than the norm.

Be Honest

When you are looking at and calling different insurance companies for quotes, make sure you are honest to them about the SR22 requirement. Not being honest will eventually lead the company to find out on its own which can result in penalties and sometimes even policy cancellation.

Getting a clear understanding of what you are up against is the first step in dealing with the SR22 in Ohio. If you are looking for the cheapest SR22 insurance, we’d suggest you shop around to get the best SR22 quotes in Ohio that insurance companies have to offer. If there is still something you wish to be clarified on any confusion regarding the SR22, feel free to contact us.