Understanding SR22 Active Insurance

Active Insurance is a top provider of SR22 insurance. When you’re searching for an affordable insurer, the company is likely to come back high on the search rankings. Before you choose to go with any company however, you first need to do as much research as possible. Below you’ll find out more about this company and its certificate of financial responsibility services.

Who are Active Insurance?

Active Insurance has been in operation for more than 50 years. They are actually an agent, not an insurer. This means they are able to get you SR-22 insurance that you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else. What makes them different from the majority of insurance brokers is the fact that they are there to represent you, the customer, rather than the insurance company.

Getting SR22 insurance

If you want to use Active Insurance to get an SR22 quote, you will need to contact the company over the telephone. It is possible to get a quote online, but typically with a certificate of financial responsibility, there are all kinds of details that need to be discussed before a quote can be given. That is why it is always better to contact the insurer or agency by phone.

While the company does aim to get you the cheapest quote, it is still advisable to compare as many different insurers as you can. That way you will know for certain whether you are getting the most affordable quote from Active Insurance.

Overall it is vital you choose the right company to provide you with SR22 insurance. It can be really expensive and it is something you are stuck paying for a minimum of three years. Therefore it makes sense to take your time to find the best insurer to fit your needs. Contact Active Insurance today to see how they can help you find the most competitive quotes.