Do I Have to Get SR22 Insurance from an Insurance Company?

After being told you need SSR2 insurance, the first question you’re going to have is where do you get it? There’s a lot of confusion regarding what SSR2 is. It’s a common belief that it is a type of insurance. In fact, what it is, is a certificate which proves you are meeting your financial responsibility. It is also referred to as a certificate of financial responsibility. So where can you get it?

Getting the certificate from an auto insurer

While the SR22 might not be an actual insurance policy, you do still need to get it from an auto insurer. They file for the certificate on your behalf. This is typically done electronically, though it still takes quite a few days for it to be processed.

The reason an auto insurer needs to file the SR22 is because it proves you are paying for the insurance and you haven’t just paid for the certificate. Then if you fail to keep up with the insurance payments, the company lets the DMV know and your license will be revoked.

Do all insurers provide it?

No. There are a lot of insurance companies who won’t deal with SSR2 related insurance. An insurer needs to be specifically registered in order to provide the cover. So you may need to search for a while before you find one that is registered for this type of cover.

You also need to note that the insurers that do provide a certificate of financial responsibility might not cover you either. It will depend upon what your license was revoked for and how much risk you pose to the company. If they feel they will need to pay out, they will likely turn you down.

Overall SR22 insurance does need to be filed via an actual auto insurer. They aren’t available anywhere else.