Canceling SR22: What You Need To Know

SR22 car insurance is a tricky subject to tackle. From obtaining affordable SR22 insurance quotes to the cancellation of SR22 insurance, policyholders should be aware of every single thing pertaining to this vital document.

While a majority of SR22 insurance policyholders are familiar with obtaining cheap SR22 insurance, its cancellation process is slightly complicated.

The requirements for cancellation of SR22 insurance may vary slightly from state to state, but, it is a rather simple process.  Typically, policyholders can remove or cancel SR22 insurance due to the two reasons given below:

Switching insurance companies

In some situations, individuals may want to switch their insurance firms as they have found a lower rate. If you are planning to change your insurance company before the end of your stipulated SR22 insurance, you should:

Firstly, get SR22 insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies in your state and compare them. As each company offers different insurance rates, you may be able to save a significant amount.

Secondly, before you cancel the old SR22 car insurance policy, be sure to file the new one with the state. Hence, file an SR22 form with the new company, wait for a few days for the state to process this information and then cancel the old policy.

Lastly, after getting a confirmation from the new company that the SR22 insurance policy is in force, you are set to cancel the old policy. It is advisable to cancel the old policy at least three days after the new one is in effect to avoid lapses.

SR22 insurance period concludes

In the case your three year probation period is over, you can remove SR22 insurance. While some states send a written notice to their policyholders informing them that their SR22 filing period has ended, others don’t. Therefore, make sure to refer to your original court documents to be on the safe side.

In order to remove SR22 insurance after the completion of the probation period, you should firstly, refer to your court documents, which provide information on reinstating your license.

Secondly, contact your Department of Motor Vehicles to verify your cancellation. However, if you have already received a letter from the department or state confirming that your probation period is over, you don’t need to get in touch with them.

Lastly, you need to contact your insurance company to cancel SR22 insurance. This can only happen after you have received a confirmation from the state that your probation period has concluded. Your insurance company may ask for proof confirming that you don’t need SR22 any longer. Thereafter, the company will remove the filing from your insurance.

While the above two reasons allow you to cancel SR22 insurance, the cancellation of SR22 before the end of your required period will lead to suspension of your license. For further information on the cancellation of SR22 insurance in Ohio, please visit We are your online guide to in-depth SR22 car insurance information.